T-Shirt Trivia: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's, Charlie Day, in Leprechaun vs Jackelope T-Shirt October 30 2014 3 Comments

We know this image is from the hit TV Sitcom, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and we know it's Charlie Day.  We also know that he's wearing a Leprechaun vs Jackelope T-Shirt.  What we don't know is why he's making that surprising face, or what Season and Episode this photo is from.  

Do you?  Let us know what we don't know (both answers) by leaving a comment below.  With a little luck, we may just send you a surprise by email. 



Thanks for sending in the correct answer Jorge!  Check your email in just a few.  We'll be sending you a coupon code good for one free Ames Bros Leprechaun vs Jackelope T-Shirt.