Frazetta by Ames Bros Warrior with Ball and Chain T-Shirt
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Warrior with Ball and Chain was originally created in the late 1960's; yet never finished.̴åÊThen, in 1973, the painting was completed for a book dust jacket used on Flashing Swords #2.

Like many of Frank's paintings, this painting became very popular with the Frazetta fanbase. It has inspired thousands of other fine artists to do their own renditions of the painting. The original painting was sold at Heritage Auction House for just over $200,000. åÊWhen asked about this particular painting, Frank replied, "I had a lot of fun with that one." åÊThe truth of the matter is quite simple... Frazetta loved each and every painting he created and when asked which is your favorite, he replied, "all of them."

Slim fit. 100% Cotton. 30 Single.

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