2XL Posters cannot be returned.

Due to the complexities of hand screening and handling these 5 ft posters throughout the entire production process, no prints will be exactly the same, nor void of imperfections in the paper or printing. We've inspected every one of them and in some cases have found small imperfections in the paper and/or inks. By purchasing these prints, the original condition and nature of printing and producing a screen print this large is understood. There are no returns or cancellations on 2XL Posters.

  • All posters will be shipped in beefy, crush resistant 53" x 5" x 5" .250" inch thick wall mailing tubes. Each poster will be wrapped in heavy duty 75 lb. craft paper and inspected carefully before meticulous packaging.
  • Due to their size, all posters are carefully handled by two people at all times. We recommend getting help handling yours once you’ve received the shipment and are ready to remove it from the shipping tube.
  • Please contact the shipping carrier immediately regarding any damage caused in shipping. 
  • Shipping address must be within the United States or Canada
  • 2XL Posters will ship in January via the method you select at checkout.